About Ashley

Ashley Aikey is a speculative fiction writer with a focus in dark fantasy. Raised on authors such as Terry Brooks and Anne McCaffery, she took a shine to storytelling at an early age. Ashley draws inspiration from her dreams and folklore from around the world and strives to write the stories she’s always wanted to read. With memorable characters and themes encouraging her readers to question their understanding of what is real, she carefully creates compelling narratives and fantastic worlds worth getting lost in. The goal dearest to her heart has always been to bring others the same love of reading she discovered with her favorite authors as a child.

Among her works-in-progress are a dark fantasy novel, an Arthurian fantasy, and various short stories, including a collection of horror shorts steeped in folklore. In 2019 she released the first of these on Kindle, titled the Fox Bride, and she completed her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with Southern New Hampshire University in early 2020. When she isn’t caught up in a project or screaming into the void, Ashley draws, paints, and relaxes with a few fantasy RPGs. Follow her on Twitter as Gwengerbread or on Instagram as wildinkbooksandart and keep an eye on the site for updates as they become available.

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