Project: Horrorlore

Attention Wild Readers! After an exciting poll on Twitter that got closer than expected, Ashley’s next horror-lore project will be about the Welsh Morgen. Writing won’t start immediately since she’s trying to wrap up something else, but this story is coming. Hope you can swim…

Another update for all of you Wild Readers out there: blog posts featuring horror-lore origins will be starting soon! Expect the first creature feature to be about The Fox Bride‘s Japanese kitsune and all her alluring mystery. The post is due to make an appearance some time in August. If you’d like to read the story first or have it ready-to-read once the lore is up, you can find it on Kindle as a standalone tale here:

Ashley is working on her Master’s thesis project, so these horror-lore tales are progressing at a slower-than-planned pace. She really appreciates your patience while she hones her craft to bring you the best writing possible. In the meantime, keep an eye on this page and her blog for updates on which creatures she’s exploring and where they’re from. Here are a few of the horror-lore residents you can expect to encounter:

  • Kitsune – Japan ~ Status: This story is finished and published on Kindle! It’s titled The Fox Bride. Read Ashley’s blog post on the origins for this story here:
  • Oni – Japan ~ Remember Koichi from The Fox Bride? Hint, hint.
  • The Black Dog – British Isles
  • Morgen – Wales ~ In Progress and officially next on the list to write!
  • Leanan Sidhe – Ireland
  • Banshee – Ireland
  • Washer at the Ford – British Isles
  • Nightmare – British Isles; This particular entity is found among many cultures around the world in different forms, such as the “night hag”.

There are more creatures to come, several of which Ashley is intentionally keeping secret. You can expect more polls to appear on her Twitter feed in the future. Don’t forget to follow her @deainthemachina for news, insights, and the chance to help her decide which one to write next.

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